About us

Our Story

 In 2018, a group of individuals begin to explore creative ideas of how to contribute to cultural life in Tunisia. With the rise of globalization it seemed beneficial to encourage artists to learn how to work and collaborate creatively with other cultures and languages. The goal would be to create original artistic works in cross-cultural collaboration with international artist to learn and develop as artist and individuals. What if an organization was started to specifically focus on these International collaborations. The first objective was to see if there was any interest in this type of collaboration. The response was overwhelmingly positive. From the Ministry of Culture to small art associations, Tunisians were excited to share their skills in collaborative projects that would allow them to work with internationals in a cultural fusion of creativity.


In 2019, the decision was made to form an artistic association in Tunisia. This NGO would promote and facilitate local and international art initiatives for cultural exchange, understanding and healing. The name “Blue Sky Arts Association” was chosen to highlight the beauty of the Tunisian sky and optimism of its people to work toward something beautiful.


In February 2020, Blue Sky Arts Association became an official entity in Tunisia. The coronavirus pandemic restricted operations for the rest of 2020 through the end of 2021.


The association received its first International donation at the end of 2021 and from 2022 through 2023 began working with local artists hosting small concerts, theatre workshops, documentary filmmaking as well as an artisan market. During this season Blue Sky was proud to partner with local and international groups and associations.


In February 2024, Blue Sky Arts Association chose a new President and Treasurer to lead the organization. Daniel Strahle  accepted the role of President and his wife Jean Strahle excepted the role of Treasurer. Daniel brings a wealth of experience in producing international musical events. Jean is a visual artist who enjoys connecting with other artists and providing opportunities for cultural exchange.



 Mission and Values




Produce quality artistic productions, installations, and workshops in collaboration with local and international artists.


Help build connections for local and International artists to collaborate on projects.


Help artists grow in their discipline while learning to work cross culturally.


Help artist connect with local and global audiences and markets.

Serve local associations and communities.


Be environmentally responsible.


Make friends along the way.